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I am a Brisbane based artist using creative fine art photography and film, to capture people and their passion!

Collection of Work

Steer Wrestling Champion

Steer Wrestling Champion


Images which are pictorial in nature have been created to tell a story and whilst historical, they are not photo-journalistic. The main difference between the two genre, is that only a portion of the history is utilised in the story. A photo-journalistic image will tell a completely historically accurate story in context whereas a pictorial image will remove distractions and focus on the main elements of the story which may or may not reflect the context in which the image was created. The term 'Artistic licence' is frequently used with this genre of fine art photography. Peter has developed a unique style using purpose made brushes and masks to be used with multi-layered selections in photoshop.

006 TRH Hot Rod

006 TRH Hot Rod

illustrative imagery

Illustrative images are created from fine art photographs captured by the artist and transformed into wonderful illustrative representations of the subject. During production a multitude of layers are used in Photoshop with personalised brushes and masks to transform the image into a beautiful and unique piece of fine art. The same subject can often (but not always) be seen in other artistic genre.

Moss King Dome

Moss King Dome

creative montage

The Montage is merely the overlaying of images one upon another however a Creative Montage is a classic piece of historical art with elements that may or may not be real. These elements contribute to a visual representation of the passion in the event. 



My artistic desire started at age seven when I realised that I had a knack for copying cartoon characters from comic books. At age 10 my uncle Dan introduced me to photography with a Box Brownie camera and taught me how to use it. He also introduced me to his real passion, cinematography and the dark room. At fifteen I started oil painting, critiqued by my aunt Beth who encouraged me to paint wildlife in action.

I migrated with my wife and two children, to Australia in 1982. Over the years I've enjoyed a little sculpting, moulding, carving and glass etching. I am now based in Brisbane where my love of the visual arts continues to grow. My passion today is for creating Photo Art. Also known as Conceptual Photography, it is one in which the artist tells a story while invoking emotion within the viewer. The artist may place the characters in fictional environments to achieve this end.

As an artistic photographer I get to capture people and their passion's, for their family, sport or project. I also get to share my talent, creating award winning images. I am proud to have had my work published and displayed at the world's most esteemed and prestigious Musee du Louvre in Paris, France.

Peter Lombard

Peter Lombard


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128 Glass House Circuit
Kallangur, QLD 4503


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